Welcome to A SMART PRACTICE, we are glad you're here.

At our core, we are teachers. We want to join you in your story and help provide tips, ideas, and insights to build your private practice. Our unique voice comes from what we bring to the table:
1. First and foremost, we are clinicians in private practice.
2. We have diverse and extensive business backgrounds.
3. We see the need for honest and vulnerable dialogue about the process of building your practice.

Why the name A SMART PRACTICE? 

For one, we recognize the value in working smarter, not necessarily harder is a wise long-term goal for small business owners. Because you are the bookkeeper, accountant, janitorial staff, and the CEO, there is a need to be smart in your business building.

Secondly, all businesses need goals, and smart goals are paramount. George Doran created an acronym to a system for creating goals that are smart. We write our articles, insights, and perspectives based on this acronym:


Lastly, "a smart practice" is both a noun and a verb. When we do smart practices (verb), we create smart practices (noun).

Whether you’re here to figure out how to get started, learn some marketing ideas, or explore the advances in technology available for your business, our hope is that you find something useful here to aid you in the growth of your practice.

Through our articles and newsletter (Forty-Six), we provide practical ideas and insight into areas such as: MarketingAccountingTechnology; and Building a referral network; and much more. For more personalized insights into you and your business, we are available for one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions.

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