33 Ways to Get More Referrals


Almost every private practice needs to have a consistent strategy for generating more leads and referrals. Here are 33 ideas to help get you started:

1. Develop a new specialty
2. Become an adjunct profession at your local college or university
3. Host a peer consultation group
4. Start a writing workshop for aspiring authors
5. Post video content to Youtube on a topic of your expertise
6. Setup a lunch per week with other professionals
7. Host an event at your local library for dealing with difficult relationships
8. Hire an SEO company to help your search engine rankings
9. Start a Facebook group for men/women needing help with parenting issues
10. Record sessions with clients, review and adjust your work as needed
11. Do good therapy with your patients
12. Join the board/leadership at your local professional counseling organization
13. Present a topic at a professional conference
14. Do a professional SWOT
15. Learn to do public speaking at toastmasters
16. Sublet your office space to practitioners just beginning
17. Read and post a review on social media on a self-help book
18. Don’t spend your money advertising, spend your money training yourself to do what you’re not comfortable doing
19. Host an Open House at your office, invite colleagues and other professionals to come by
20. Eat that Frog
21. Keep track of where your referrals are coming from, do something special for your top 5 referrers
22. Post articles on your blog regularly
23. Spend less time on social media, and more time in real social relationships
24. Avoid relying on passive marketing strategies
25. Develop your elevator sales pitch
26. Start a book club for other professionals on building a practice
27. Do keyword research about who is searching for what in your local community
28. Ask other professionals for referrals, ask how you can help them
29. Use LinkedIn to connect with others in your community
30. Get your own therapy, work on your anxieties
31. Find a therapist with a thriving practice, ask for coaching or mentoring
32. Do some kind of public speaking event at least 6 times per year
33. Do something that you’re avoiding, and learn from it.

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