Book Review: QBQ! The Question Behind the Question


The Premise: If you’re asking the wrong questions, you’re not going to solve the problems correctly, or efficiently. Personal accountability is achieved when we ask “what” and “how,” not “why” and “who.” Businesses thrive when those involved take responsibility by asking the correct questions about their situation. Ask, “how can I solve …” instead of “why did this happen.” We get sidetracked when we try to figure out why things happened instead of correcting the mistake.

My Take: This is an easy-to-read book that has applications beyond business (which is why the author has written several follow up books for parenting, relationships, and other topics). Miller nails it by addressing the issues of personal accountability. As a culture, we’re far too consumeristic and “me-centric.” This leads to feeling like a victim and not taking responsibility for our actions. It’s just over 100 pages, with many chapters taking up less than two pages. Pick it up and read a few chapters, set it down.

Application for Therapists: This is not a business 101 book, rather it’s a way of thinking about how and what we do in business. There’s not a lot of practical advice for issues that would arise in a private practice setting, but the approach can be helpful in our response to these issues. It’s very much a cognitive-behavioral approach to our actions and approaches in life. And from that perspective, it’s a helpful book that, as therapists, we can use to engage our clients in their own behavioral issues. The bottom line: It’s worth getting and having on your shelf.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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