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As clinicians, we talk to our clients about the need to ask for help and also encourage them to lean on others, but as caregivers, we often struggle to ask for help for ourselves. Whether starting a practice from scratch or trying to determine how to get more clients in the door and build your practice, it can be a daunting task to figure out how all of the moving parts work together on your own.

Who We Work With: 
– Marriage and Family Therapists
– Individual Practicians
– Group Therapy Practices
– Seasoned Practice Professionals
– Upcoming Graduates seeking clarity on career path
– Part-time and Full-time Professionals

Individual Consulting Session: If you need to think through a specific issue, and only need a session to work toward a solution. Fee:  $150 an hour or $75 for a half hour.

Packaged Sessions: This is a group of sessions to help you think through specific challenges you are facing. Included with these sessions are tools (forms and other documents) that you can download and customize based on the state you practice in. Fee: 2 Sessions for $250, 3 Sessions for 400.00, or 4 Sessions for $500.00

Membership: (this option will be available soon).

All of these options can be done in person with Caleb in Phoenix, with Samuel in Nashville, or via Skype/phone. 

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