Why I don’t use Social Media

There are plenty of reasons that a small business/private practice can benefit from social media. I am not sure I know what they all are. I assume that they have something to do with getting your brand recognized and known. But, what I do know is that social media is not part of my marketing strategy. I don’t Tweet, post interesting quips on Facebook, or Blog my life.

The reason is quite simple – I don’t have the energy or the time to keep up with any social media in an excellent manner. So, I don’t. I don’t participate in it in my personal life and I don’t market my private practice with social media. Writer Henry Nouwen writes, My tendency is to get so distracted by the diversity of the many spokes of life, that I am busy but not truly life-giving, all over the place but not focused. By directing my attention to the heart of life, I am connected with its rich variety while remaining centered.”  Here and Now

His words are both freeing and orienting. They are freeing for me because I, personally, can get bogged down in Social Media and I don’t even personally like it.  They are orienting because these words help me ask the question of myself, “What is most important?” For me, Social Media falls way down the line of important things when I consider quality of life realms, like my family, my friends , and my hobbies. And, I think there are more important marketing strategies, like meeting with people face to face and building relationships with referral sources that last a long time. Maybe you can’t meet with someone every week, but I am guessing that a referral would appreciate an email just saying, “hello,” and asking how they are vs getting a Tweet about some wisdom you got from your fortune cookie the night before.

I may be proven wrong about Social Media, but I still don’t have time for it. There are more important things I want to do.

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