Asking the Right Questions in Marketing

As therapists, we work to listen and ask good questions. Becoming an effective marketer is also about asking good questions, but instead of asking them of our clients, we have to ask ourselves good questions. While not exhaustive, these 3 simple questions can help guide your marketing decisions: 1. Who am I and what is my specialty? 2. Who should I meet with? 3. What can I offer?

Who am I and what is my specialty?

In order to provide the best services, and therefore the ones that make you stand out from the rest, you need to know who you are as a therapist and the types of clients you work with best. If you and are just starting out, you probably are Circuito willing to see anyone. This is ok too because taking a rdflib lot of different clients cheap jerseys can help you learn more about yourself. You should listen to your gut though about the clients that feel way outside your comfort zone. We want to keep our practice open, but we also want to be ethical. By answering this question you lead yourself into answering the second question, which is…

Who should I meet with?

Your marketing strategy should start with meeting with people and organizations that are like you. I once had a supervisee who started going to networking meetings where people from many wholesale NFL jerseys different types of industries and businesses met together. What she found was that everyone wanted to talk about what they were doing, but there wasn’t any business generated by these connections because there wasn’t any overlap with things like counseling and construction. You need to be talking to those who have similar clients. Find out who is working with the same types of clients you work or want to work with. Look for the the inpatient/residential facilities or outpatient practitioners that work close nel to you and far away. The ones that work close to you can give you some ideas of the lay of the land and those who see clients a bit away from you may need a referral source on your side of town. After you figure out who you should meet cheap NBA jerseys with, the next question is…

 What can I offer?

This question generates the wholesale jerseys things you want to talk to your new colleague about. Maybe you are just offering a professional relationship of someone that is practicing nearby. You could be the one who sees the types of clients that he or she doesn’t feel comfortable seeing. Maybe he or cheap NFL jerseys she sees clients you don’t see and you can ?e be a referral source for someone else. At the end of the day, your hope is to build relationships with other professionals that know what you can offer.

After you answer these questions start a plan Breakfast of action. Create a list of contacts and start calling and setting up meetings. If they can’t meet you for coffee, then take coffee to them. Don’t go overboard making appointments. Make one meeting a week and see what these connections start to generate.

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