Accounting Package

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Ready to be branded for your practice, these forms and guides will help you manage your finances, track your budget, and relieve anxiety about accounting and business practices you’re unfamiliar with. The hallmark of this package is the Smart Accounting spreadsheet with fully programmed and automatic calculations for all your expenses and income categories. These documents have been created and perfected over the past 7 years and will be immediately beneficial for you and your practice.


Included in this package:

Tax Planning worksheet – Taxes are one of the only sure things in life. Don’t get caught without a good plan in place.
Monthly Budget Ledger – This is a working spreadsheet (with automated calculations) to give you monthly snapshots of your monthly budget. Simply set your budget for various office expenses, salary, taxes, and other income categories. Track it each month, and adjust accordingly. This is great when paired with the Smart Accounting spreadsheet below.
Smart Accounting – This is also a working spreadsheet (with automated calculations) to keep track of your monthly and yearly income and expense reports. Think of this as a simple “Quickbooks” to give you a easy way of managing your finances. Very small learning curve when compared with  more complex software options.
Invoice Tracking Worksheet – When sending an invoice to a client or company, this worksheet helps you to keep track of both paper and electronic invoices.
Invoice Template – Need to send an invoice, this is a sample invoice template ready for your practice customization.
Receipt Template – Same as above, except for receipts.
Superbill Template – When a client asks you for a receipt to submit to an insurance carrier, you need a Superbill. this gives you a customized template ready to be filled out at the clients request. A must for any practice.

Authors note: These forms and documents are the culmination of a lot of testing, editing, and hard work. I ask that you please not share these with friends or colleagues, but instead allow them to purchase these forms for themselves. There’s no way to prevent sharing (or reselling) of these documents, so I ask that you honor the hard work I’ve put into these by only using them for yourself. Thank you! 


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