Client and Call Logs

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Tracking our work provides invaluable historical data to refer back to for various needs. There are seasons of growth and slowness in our work as wellness professionals. These spreadsheets have been created to give you a comprehensive approach to tracking everything you need to track in your business. The “Work Hours Tracking” is far and away the most beneficial spreadsheet on this list, and it’s use will pay for all the other spreadsheets many times over.


Included in this package:

Work Hours Tracking – This is the most beneficial document that I use in my practice today. It provides a detailed look at your monthly and yearly client numbers as well as the number of hours you work.
Sessions per Client Log – The above form is for the practice as a whole, this form is more specific to your work with individuals and couples.
Client Waiting List – Always a handy spreadsheet to have, and one to encourage a goal of being booked enough to use it!
Referral Log – Keep track of where your referrals come from.
Client Contact Log – Keep track of phone calls, emails, and other forms of back and forth communication with new and existing clients.

Authors note: These forms and documents are the culmination of a lot of testing, editing, and hard work. I ask that you please not share these with friends or colleagues, but instead allow them to purchase these forms for themselves. There’s no way to prevent sharing of these documents, so I ask that you honor the hard work I’ve put into these by not sharing. Thank you! 


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