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Not only as clinicians, but also as people, we all come to a place where we get stuck. Over the years I have found these client worksheets helpful for a variety of situations. These worksheets are intended to bring clarity, focus, and healthy directions for our clients as they pursue wellness. Adapt and change these worksheets as needed.


Included in this package:

Time Out Contract – For those who are dealing with intense emotions, namely anger.
Impaired/Benefit Emotions Chart – Helpful chart adapted from a book to bring clarity individuals and couples struggling to name or identify emotions they are feeling.
No Harm Contract – Invaluable worksheet for those dealing with self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.
Understanding an Issue Worksheet – Simple form adapted to map out thoughts, emotions, actions, and belief systems.
Situational Mood Log – More detailed worksheet to create clarity of thought, emotions, belief systems, and triggers for a given situation.
Therapeutic Separation Agreement – By farm the most important guide/worksheet of this package. Knowing what questions and directions to take for couples facing divorce empowers the therapist to adequately guide a couple through the terrifying waters of a therapeutic separation.

Authors note: These forms and documents are the culmination of a lot of testing, editing, and hard work. I ask that you please not share these with friends or colleagues, but instead allow them to purchase these forms for themselves. There’s no way to prevent sharing (or reselling) of these documents, so I ask that you honor the hard work I’ve put into these by only using them for yourself. Thank you! 


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