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Get all of the forms, documents, spreadsheets, and guides in one spot. This includes over 30 forms, worksheets, and documents that cover everything from client intake packet to accounting, to balancing your business accounting and budgets. Buying all together is a savings of over 20% if purchased separately.


Included Documents and Forms in this Package:

This combo package includes over 30 forms, worksheets, and documents that give you everything you need to run your practice efficiently, and smoothly. Buying as a package together represents a 20% savings!

Accounting & Business – 7 Documents

Tax Planning worksheet – Taxes are one of the only sure things in life. Don’t get caught without a good plan in place.
Monthly Budget Ledger – This is a working spreadsheet (with automated calculations) to give you monthly snapshots of your monthly budget. Simply set your budget for various office expenses, salary, taxes, and other income categories. Track it each month, and adjust accordingly. This is great when paired with the Smart Accounting spreadsheet below.
Smart Accounting – This is also a working spreadsheet (with automated calculations) to keep track of your monthly and yearly income and expense reports. Think of this as a simple “Quickbooks” to give you a easy way of managing your finances. Very small learning curve when compared with  more complex software options.
Invoice Tracking Worksheet – When sending an invoice to a client or company, this worksheet helps you to keep track of both paper and electronic invoices.
Invoice Template – Need to send an invoice, this is a sample invoice template ready for your practice customization.
Receipt Template – Same as above, except for receipts.
Superbill Template – When a client asks you for a receipt to submit to an insurance carrier, you need a Superbill. this gives you a customized template ready to be filled out at the clients request. A must for any practice.

Client & Call Logs – 5 Documents

Work Hours Tracking – This is the most beneficial document that I use in my practice today. It provides a detailed look at your monthly and yearly client numbers as well as the number of hours you work.
Sessions per Client Log – The above form is for the practice as a whole, this form is more specific to your work with individuals and couples.
Client Waiting List – Always a handy spreadsheet to have, and one to encourage a goal of being booked enough to use it!
Referral Log – Keep track of where your referrals come from.
Client Contact Log – Keep track of phone calls, emails, and other forms of back and forth communication with new and existing clients.

Client Worksheets – 6 Documents

Time Out Contract – For those who are dealing with intense emotions, namely anger.
Impaired/Benefit Emotions Chart – Helpful chart adapted from a book to bring clarity individuals and couples struggling to name or identify emotions they are feeling.
No Harm Contract – Invaluable worksheet for those dealing with self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.
Understanding an Issue Worksheet – Simple form adapted to map out thoughts, emotions, actions, and belief systems.
Situational Mood Log – More detailed worksheet to create clarity of thought, emotions, belief systems, and triggers for a given situation.
Therapeutic Separation Agreement – By farm the most important guide/worksheet of this package. Knowing what questions and directions to take for couples facing divorce empowers the therapist to adequately guide a couple through the terrifying waters of a therapeutic separation.

Client Intake Package – 3 Documents

Progress Notes Form – Having consistent and organized progress notes are essential to good treatment.
Credit Card Authorization Form – Protect yourself against no-show’s and late cancellations with this form.
Client Intake Packet – Every therapist needs an intake packet for their practice. This is a sample packet that can be customized to fit your practice and personality. Included in this packet are 6 documents:

  • Questions for 1st Session
  • Payment & Fee Form
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Confidentiality & Privacy Practices
  • Release of Information
  • HIPAA Compliance

Marketing Forms – 12 Documents

Private Practice Checklist – The essential items you need to get your practice up and running.
Sample Marketing Strategy – Want to develop a strategy to get your practice off the ground, or grow it into what you dream about? This is for you.
Social Media Checklist –
 This checklist gives you a great fly-by of ideas and guidelines for using social media as a therapist.
Suggested Technologies to Use – Including web hosts, blogging software, and anything else technology related. This gives a 30,000 foot view of what technologies are worth using.
Sample Referral/Neighborhood Introduction Letter – This is a sample letter you could send to churches or other organizations to let them know about your services, and to ask for a meeting. Works well upon a move to a new location.
Agency Closure Letter – Ending your time at an agency for private practice, this letter shows you how to let your clients know.
Sample Letterhead
Rate & Office Location Change Letter to Clients – This is a sample letter to your clients announcing a rate increase or office location change?
Sample Disability Letter for Social Security
Sample Case Summary Letter for Referral or Report
“Building Your Private Practice” Presentation Slides
Finding a Good Counselor Article – Article for use in local publications or on blog.

Authors note: These forms and documents are the culmination of a lot of testing, editing, and hard work. I ask that you please not share these with friends or colleagues, but instead allow them to purchase these forms for themselves. There’s no way to prevent sharing (or reselling) of these documents, so I ask that you honor the hard work I’ve put into these by only using them for yourself. Thank you! 



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