Practice Budgets

image courtesy of From a practice management standpoint, this might be the single most important habit to setup: Develop on a budget. Income will be variable, and to keep money from sinking your business (or credit), you need a plan. Regardless if you practice a budget in your personal life (and I think you […]

Private Practice Questions

Last Friday I gave a presentation to a group of therapists eager to start or grow their private practice. Over the course of our time together, several questions were asked that I think would be helpful to post here: Q: Do I need a business license to open up a private practice? A: I’m not […]

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January 15th, Quarterly Tax Day

The IRS will be expecting a check from you on the 15th, unless this is your first year in business. Regardless of how much (or little) you have to pay the IRS, setup a reminder to write this check at least 3 days before it’s due. Here are some previous articles we’ve written about quarterly […]

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September 15th — Quarterly Tax Day

For the self-employed, private practicians, tax day happens every quarter. Tomorrow, September 15th, is the due date for your estimated taxes to be paid. Here are a few suggestions and reminders to help you with your tax needs. Download the 1040-ES Form from the IRS. Make sure your payment is postmarked by 9/15/15 If you began […]

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Quarterly Taxes: A Primer

In just a few days on January 15th, a date all of us self-employed folks dread, our Quarterly tax payment is due the IRS. What I’ve come to appreciate about these quarterly payments is that I’m not writing a check to the IRS for my entire tax liability. Instead, I’m just writing a quarter of it. It’s like the old […]

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Banking 101

It’s pretty overwhelming to consider getting a business started from the ground floor. There are so many different issues to attend to, and generally speaking, we therapists are better with people than we are with numbers. Banking is a pretty simple concept that we are all familiar with, but I don’t see many therapists who […]