Tech Tuesday: Building Your Website


I have lots of professionals that ask me for recommendations about getting a website setup and running. If you’re not all that familiar with design, web design, or technology, getting this done can be really overwhelming. A website is the main place people will go to learn more about you and your services, which is why it needs to be an important part of your branding strategy. Here are a couple of suggestions and my recommendations for getting your site up and running.

– First things first: Buy your domain name (the address of your website). Make sure that you register the domain name as soon as you search for it. “Domain squatters” will watch the search history of registration sites and buy the domain you want, then turn around and offer it to you for significantly more money. It’s less than $15 to get a name registered. I suggest using

– Decide on a design platform. There are literally hundreds of sites you can choose from: Squarespace, godaddy, Wix, bluehost, and dreamhost are all reputable companies. If you have some knowledge of getting a site up and running, I would suggest using dreamhost + wordpress (a blogging/site platform). If you’re a newbie, I would suggest Squarespace.

– Hire a local web designer to do all that work for you. This is the least involved from a technical standpoint. You do not need any knowledge of getting a site up and running whatsoever. This can cost thousands of dollars, so be careful on this option. To keep costs down, hire a college or high school student.

image courtesy of Decisive via flickr

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