Tech Tuesday: How to Type Less!

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There are a lot of things that I used to type over and over again. Mainly these were for emails to clients or potential clients. I got tired of typing out directions to my office each time someone asked, and thus I went hunting for something to help. What I found was a confluence of applications that let you type “shorthand” on your computer and the app will expand that shorthand into the full text. My favorite of these apps is aText. It’s $5, but well worth sacrificing one latte this week.

When I started using this app, it felt like I’d found a gold mine. Now instead of typing the same thing over and over to clients, and other email recipients, all I have to do is type a few letters or words, and bam! The sentence is automatically typed.

Here’s how I use it. When I book a new client, I email them a set of forms for our first appointment (disclosure, HIPAA, intake, etc) along with directions to my office and a confirmation of the time we are meeting. All of this information is about 250 words long, and it’d be stupid to type this same info out each and every time I book a new client. So, I’ve utilized aText to help me with this problem.

When I type: “FAT”, aText automatically expands this to: “Forms and Appointment Time” (It just did it, you just can’t see it happening!). This is my subject line for an email to a new client.

For the body of the email, I type “newclient” and the program auto-types (pastes) the following:


Attached are a couple of forms for you to read over and fill out and bring with you to your appointment TIME.

My office is located at 7101 Peach Court, Brentwood, TN. When you turn West on Peach Court, my office, in the Brentview Realty building, is straight ahead at at the end of the cul-de-sac. Come in through the front door and go upstairs to the 2nd floor. There is a waiting room on your right as you enter the building. I’ll come out and meet you there. Click here for a map to my office:

As you prepare for our meeting, consider these questions as helpful starting points:
– What factors have contributed to seeking guidance at this point of life?
– What area of life doesn’t seem to be working well? Where do you desire change?
– Where would you like to grow? Is there a particular area of struggle or challenge that you want to address?
– What would success in our time together look like for you?

If you have any questions, please call me at (615) 656-4430.

Looking forward to meeting you.


I then replace “NAME” and “TIME” with the appropriate information, and attach the initial forms (I have a handy app for attaching the forms, too. I’ll write about this at a later time). Email sent.

All of this probably takes me less than 30 seconds, and then I can go about getting more important things accomplished. Type less, and book more clients. What time saving technology tips do you have?

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