Tech Tuesday: Using a Facebook Page

With over 1.39 Billion active users, the Facebook population (if it were a country) would be the largest country on Earth. It’s astounding how integrated most of us are with Facebook. With that said, I think Facebook is an excellent way to get a starter website up for your practice. You need to have a Facebook page for your private practice. Don’t have a Facebook page? Create one here.

Here are 3 ways that I have used a professional Facebook page to help promote my private practice.

1. Post articles and blog posts to timeline. When I publish a new article or blog post, I announce it to my Facebook page. I generally get more views to my blog when I post to Facebook than when I do not. Before Facebook came along, when blogging, you had to rely on RSS feeds and email subscriptions to really increase your readership. Not so anymore. With most Facebook users having several hundred “friends,” your potential audience is substantially bigger.

2. Announce classes, events, and groups. People aren’t visiting my professional website regularly to read updates and find out when I have new offerings, but they are on Facebook most days. With this in mind, posting new service offerings to your page has a greater likelihood of being seen by friends, colleagues, and potential clients than just posting it to your website.

3. Invite Friends to help spread the word about my practice. This might be a given, but getting your friends and community to be apart of your Facebook page is a must. They will generally be your greatest ally in spreading good ideas, articles, or new service offerings.

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