Thursday Tidbit: Building Your Brand


Building your brand is one of the quickest ways to generating referrals for your practice. A brand is created by setting expectations, and then delivering a product that measures up to those set expectations. As a private practician, you and your message are your brand. The specifics of how you build your brand are up to you, but they need to include these three things: Time, Consistency, and Grace.

Time. You need time in a couple of ways. First, give yourself time (2-3 years) to really understand what it is that you want to be doing in the private practice space. Secondly, give your community time to warm up to your mission and values. Lastly, give your practice time to breathe, and cycle through the normal phases of growth.

Consistency. If you’re giving yourself time to create your brand, but are not consistent in the strategy, you are going to be wasting your time. Time without consistency might be categorized as lazy. For example, if you believe that writing and speaking are two brand-building strategies, then set a goal for doing these “x” number of times per week/month/year. Be consistent in how often you write and speak on a given subject. The more erratic you are, the more unstable your brand will be.

Grace. Finally, you need grace … and lots of it. Grace from yourself and others. If you are human, you will not do everything in your practice right. Trying to be perfect will eliminate you from sitting down at the grace table where grace is freely given. Don’t be so audacious in your brand building that you absolutely cannot fail, but don’t set the bar too short, either. Unsure of how to go about doing this? Consider some coaching to help you with that process.

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