Thursday Tidbit: Some Ideas on Speaking

photo courtesy of Ian Sane via Flickr

In the last Tidbit I suggested that you get out and speak as a way to build your practice. I wanted to follow up on that with a few suggestions for where you can find speaking gigs. The reality is you will have to create these opportunities:

– Call a beauty salon, offer to come train their beauticians how to effectively manage their own care and anxieties when speaking with their clients about life’s problems. The reality is that most barbers/beauticians function in a dual-role: a therapist and a beautician. Anyone that engages in touch with their clients has access to the interpersonal and vulnerable stories people carry.

– Host a luncheon for pastors and faith workers to come learn self-care.

– Call the local sheriff/police/fire department, and offer a class on how to deal with trauma.

– Call the school administration for the county/city school system, offer to be a spokesperson for child advocacy. By and large, people will do and pay for anything if it helps their kids.

– Churches, Community/Civic Centers, Libraries, and the YMCA all host events on a regular basis.

Offer these are free events, you’ll get more in attendance and will likely get some good referrals from hosting an event like this.

Photo courtesy of Ian Sane via Flickr

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