Thursday Tidbit: Time Audit


Facebook can be a fantastic resource for community and even for marketing. Something I’ve noticed in my own usage of the site is that it’s easy to get distracted. I can intend to get on the site for business purposes, but can get sidetracked with other conversations that don’t really have anything to do with my practice.

For an effective networking strategy, I think counselors in private practice need to spend three times more in face-to-face conversations to that of their time spent on Facebook. There’s two ways to look at this: Decrease your online usage, or increase your in person connections.

Our time, money, energy, and creativity are all examples of our resources that are limited. Just as we need to create financial budgets to live on, so too do we need to create a time budget. If you have an hour that is not already spoken for over the next couple of days, do this. Sit down with a pen and paper and do a time audit during your business hours. The average work week is no longer 40 hours, and most counselors in private practice work far less than that.

How are you escaping the anxiety you feel about your practice, and the momentum you feel? Are you using Facebook or other sites that can be justified as “good business practices?” A few weeks ago I wrote about doing what is difficult, and doing a time audit would fit that bill.

What areas can you improve in how you spend your time? Are there marketing needs your practice has that are being neglected? Make a list of these areas, and set some goals about how to accomplish them.

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